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Corona FAQ

Last Update: 05.11.2020

­Dear employees, suppliers, customers and partners

We very much hope that you, your families, your colleagues and your neighbours are healthy and that you can cope with the current situation!

The spread of the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) challenges us all with unexpected difficulties, both at work and personally. 

Our focus is on protecting our employees and business partners in Germany and worldwide. We see ourselves as integral part of society and take our responsibility seriously to help stem the further spread of disease. We have implemented the following points in line with government measures and the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the World Health Organization:


We have taken the following measures to protect our employees from the corona virus.

  • Our employees work from home office as much as possible. Meetings take place by telephone or video, travel is limited to exceptional cases.
  • In areas where home office is not possible, especially in the production plants and manufacturing facilities, we have taken numerous safety precautions. All measures taken are aimed at minimizing contact between employees and external parties or, where this cannot be avoided, to ensure a minimum distance of 2 meters. Examples of such measures are:

    • Reduction of contact between shifts to a minimum or avoidance of contact as far as possible through shift handovers by telephone, different time use of changing rooms etc.
    • Reduction in the number of people who are in a room at the same time (control room, offices, break rooms) 
    • Strict admission restrictions for external persons such as business partners, contractors and guests

  • All employees who do not work in home office must maintain a minimum distance of 2 meters. We also pay particular attention to the observance of hygiene recommendations and regular disinfection and cleaning, e.g. of surfaces, handrails and door handles. 
  • Employees who feel ill are instructed not to come to work and to consult a doctor immediately.
  • The management has set up a task force that discusses and decides on the current situation and further protective measures on a daily basis.

Our employees can find further questions & answers on the intranet.


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Our demands are adapted to the current situation and communicated in a timely manner. We are regularly available, please get in touch with your usual contact person. 


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Our ability to deliver is currently not affected. We are regularly available and reachable for you. We are regularly available, please get in touch with your usual contact person. 


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An important focus is currently to protect our employees and business partners. We see ourselves as an integral part of society and take our responsibility seriously. For this reason, we currently neither participate in nor host any trade fairs or events. However, we are available for you without any restriction and make full use of all digital possibilities. 


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