08/29/2013 |

World's first polychrome zirkonia!

KATANA™ Zirconia ML Disc – the world’s first polychrome high-performance zirconia with integrated color shift.


KATANA Zirconia ML Discs are the first polychrome high-performance zirconia blanks, which are manufactured with industrial scale and in exceptional constant quality.

This polychrome zirconia disc consists of four pre-colored layers showing smooth enamel, dentin and cervical color shifts. They can be used easily in the everyday milling process for laboratories with milling machines. A natural tooth-like restoration can be achieved immediately within one step and a remarkable result with a natural gradient is performed.

Without any further handcraft steps - like dipping, painting and drying - the sintering process can be started. Thanks to the shortened manufacturing process the economical performance can be improved and possible complaints avoided.

The KATANA portfolio is even completed by the white KATANA Zirconia HT (High Translucent) Disc, which gives you additional opportunities for individual staining and veneering.