03/06/2014 |

Media Information of Kuraray Europe GmbH ("KEG")

KEG raises prices for its Polyvinyl alcohol products (“PVA” - “PVOH”) in Europe, Africa and Middle East

Effective April 1st 2014, or as contract terms allow, KEG will increase its sales prices for Polyvinyl alcohol products in Europe, Africa and Middle East in a range of € 130 - €180 per metric ton as a minimum.

Polyvinyl alcohol products and its specialties are market by Kuraray under the brand names Mowiol®, Mowiflex®, Kuraray Poval® and Exceval®.

The price adjustments are as well related to on a high level remaining Ethylene price and further increasing raw materials costs e.g. VAM, as to the rise in utility costs and several general costs e.g. labour costs.

With this measure Kuraray is targeting also to keep the high level technical and commercial service towards their customers.

This increase affects the Polyvinyl alcohol business of KEG into all industries and applications, that are –among others – adhesives, paper coatings, emulsion polymerization, plastic production / – processing, textiles and ceramics, nonwovens, glass fibers, building products and paints and coatings.

KEG is the European organization of Kuraray that accounts responsible for Kuraray’s business of Polyvinyl alcohol in the region Europe, Africa and some selected markets within Middle East.

For more details, customers are asked to contact their known KEG representatives.


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