03/31/2014 |

Kuraray Europe GmbH

Kuraray Europe GmbH:
New organisational structure enhances market and customer orientation


Kuraray Europe GmbH (KEG), based in Hattersheim, near Frankfurt, Germany, introduced a new organisational structure on January 1, 2014. This is now being implemented stepwise. The aim is to align the company more closely to the demands of its customers and markets and strengthen its competitiveness. At the same time, this wholly owned subsidiary of Japanese speciality chemicals producer Kuraray Co. Ltd. of Tokyo is responding to structural changes in the Kuraray Group worldwide.

The new POVAL Resin (PVA/PVOH) and PVB Business Areas are the heart of the
new structure. They are responsible for all business-related functions such as production, research and development, marketing, sales and technical service.
The Advanced Materials Business Area is responsible for selling imported goods
and comprises the fibres, elastomer, chemicals, artificial leather, dental products and activated carbon product lines. The Business Areas are supported by specialist service functions.

KEG's management board is unchanged and comprises Dr. Matthias Gutweiler, Yoshiki Kuroki and Naoya Uehara. Dr. Matthias Gutweiler stresses: "The aim of
our new organisational structure is to provide better support for KEG's growth targets and to facilitate the integration of new business activities."

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