06/26/2014 |


The European PVOH Manufacturing unit of Kuraray in Frankfurt, Germany will produce KURARAY POVAL instead of Mowiol


We have decided to transition one of our brand names MOWIOL (PVOH), from the German PVOH-production-based name, to KURARAY POVAL, one of our global trade names that is already used and well-known in other regions. The production unit located in Frankfurt-Höchst will be unchanged and the same counts for all regulatory information.
KURARAY POVAL is an existing brand name for our PVOH products and has been used around the world in places like the Americas and Asia. Due to our continued growth, global presence, and PVOH production locations (Germany, Japan, Singapore, and the United States), we want to harmonize our brand image now. We will begin the conversion process on July 1, 2014 (01.07.2014). This conversion will require a certain transitional period, and we are working to ensure this will not affect our customers in any way. One of these transitions will include our package branding, which will be marked with both the old and new product nomenclature.

We hope that with this global harmonization of our products and brand, we will be able to provide a unique, customizable and premium product to our customers. KURARAY POVAL is a global manufacturer of PVOH with over 70 years of experience and offers a wide range of standard products and specialties. KURARAY POVAL meets all requirements; from low to high viscosity, to partially and fully saponified PVOH. The range contains more than 120 products for a wide variety of applications and is supplemented by two specialty ranges: EXCEVAL and MOWIFLEX TC. With this history and flexibility in grades and processing, KURARAY POVAL is “Here to innovate”.