11/22/2016 |

DIBt awards National Technical Approval for shear-coupled Trosifol® Extra Stiff (ES)

After the granting of the National Technical Approval for Trosifol® Extra Stiff (ES) a year ago, Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt) (the German approval body for construction products) has now also granted its approval for shear-coupled Trosifol® ES.

Together with the SentryGlas® ionplast interlayer, Trosifol® now has two products with structural attributes, which allow for thinner glass constructions to be fabricated that can still offer much better residual load-bearing capacity after glass breakage than conventional laminated safety glass. The special feature of new Trosifol® ES is its shear coupling that facilitates lower glass thicknesses – significantly lowers the weight per unit area.

PVB film with structural properties is new
The high residual load-bearing capacity of the two products from Trosifol has been confirmed by the Universität der Bundeswehr (University of the German Armed Forces) in Munich.

Videos of the test are available at the Trosifol® website:

The increased structural strength permits glass thickness reductions of up to 30 per cent. On the other hand, if the glass thickness remains unchanged, it is possible to increase the glass area and the spans between fastenings – resulting in fewer glass brackets being necessary. SentryGlas and Trosifol ES thus facilitate slimmer bracket constructions, minimised glass supports and simplified assembly among others.

Shear-coupled Trosifol® ES is therefore ideal for large glazed surfaces and façades, and other applications where jumbo-sized laminated safety glass is used.

Example of a smaller application with shear-coupled Trosifol® ES
(photo: Trosifol/Shutterstock.com)

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* SentryGlas® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company or its affiliates for its brand of interlayers. It is used under exclusive license by Kuraray and its sub-licensees. Trosifol® is a registered trademark of Kuraray.