02/15/2017 |

Kuraray at Lineapelle in Milan: Launch of new CLARINO™ lineup

Hattersheim am Main, February 15th, 2017 – Kuraray is launching a new lineup of products manufactured under the CLARINO™ man-made leather brand, further expanding its position in the man-made leather market. The company is presenting the development at Lineapelle in Milan, Italy, from February 21 - 23, 2017.

The lineup includes extremely natural-looking products created through an environmentally friendly manufacturing process. These products have the look and feel of natural leather while offering the greater functionalities of man-made leather. “In their natural leather look and feel, these fabrics raise the bar for man-made leather products,” explains Simon Judson, Head of the Business Unit Clarino/ amaretta.  “At our luxury-boutique styled booth we will present the classy appeal of our new lineup, which is an ideal material for high-end, fashionable bags, accessories, shoes and apparel.”

"In the luxury accessory market, man-made leather is currently attracting more and more interest," Mr. Judson comments. On the one hand, this is as a result of increased prices for natural leather whilst on the other hand there is greater awareness of the environmental impact of leather production.

Launched in 1965, CLARINO™ is Kuraray’s man-made leather brand. Using a unique production process, Kuraray became the first in the world to develop a man-made leather with a structure that closely resembles the complex structure of natural leather (animal skin). Since it is strong, lightweight and easy to care for, CLARINO™ is widely used for men’s and women’s footwear, randoseru (school bags), business bags and camera cases as well as sports equipment, including shoes, balls and gloves that require superior strength and functionality.

About Kuraray:
The Kuraray Group is an expanding, stock exchange listed specialty chemicals company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with around 10,000 employees and annual sales of over EUR 4 billion. Kuraray Europe GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary headquartered in Hattersheim am Main and has around 850 employees. Kuraray is one of the largest suppliers of polymers and synthetic microfibers and an international leader in the development and use of innovative high-performance materials for many industries.


CLARINO™ is an ideal material for high-quality accessory items and high-fashion apparel.


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