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Self-luminous film for varied architectural applications and safety

TROSIFOL trade fair highlight

LUMINEO marks a new departure for TROSIFOL in its appeal to architects. As the leading supplier of PVB films in European architectural glazing, the PVB manufacturer of the Japanese Kuraray Group is targeting this new self-luminous PVB film directly at architects, designers and creative minds in order to inspire new trends in the design of architectural glazing.

The new film product achieves its effect with a special formulation (European patent pending). LUMINEO is inspirational, the basis of new ideas. At the same time, LUMINEO meets the criteria of the German Lists of Construction Products of the DIBt (German Institute of Construction Technology). Safety certificates to EN 356 and EN 12600 are available on request. A test report on the afterglow properties of LUMINEO is also obtainable (BAM, DIN 67510-4, sub-classification A, Ref. VIII 1E 2077 of March 2009 for “Phosphorescent pigments and products”, such as emergency exits and escape routes). Developed to European standards for safety glass, it can be combined with other TROSIFOL films to modify optical and acoustic properties, thus opening up entirely new creative scope for the design of laminated safety glass. LUMINEO reduces the need to install additional light sources in public areas for emergency situations, e.g. power failures. By combining safety and design scope with light transmittance values of up to 60 per cent, LUMINEO is ideal for use in interior architecture and in public buildings in which design and safety are of equal importance.

LUMINEO can be employed on façades, roofs, balustrades and balconies and in any glazing applications at all, indoors and outdoors.

TROSIFOL® LUMINEO is available in standard widths of 1,000, 1,600 and 2,250 mm, each in a thickness of 0.76 mm. The roll lengths are 20 m and 200 m and are supplied with a PE interleaved film.


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You can download matching LUMINEO images at this address (captions/photographer are stored in the IPTC data, all images from Kuraray Europe GmbH, Division TROSIFOL):
The images present daytime views of the product and the matching night-time views with the LUMINEO effect.

You can download images of TROSIFOL architectural applications at:

And images of TROSIFOL SOLAR can be found here:

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Alle Fotos / all photos: Kuraray Europe GmbH/Division TROSIFOL
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