Clarino™ at Munich Fabric Start
and Premiere Vision in Paris

From February 4 − 6 Kuraray will present Clarino™, the exclusive alternative to genuine leather, at Munich Fabric Start and from February 11 − 13 in Paris at Premiere Vision.

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H3 | E 04 at Munich Fabric Start
Hall 6 / 6R23 at Premiere Vision

Under the umbrella brand name Clarino™ Kuraray processes and sells the world`s finest micro suede specialties for the application in various highly innovative fields. Items of the amaretta™, Tirrenina™, Clarino™ Suede and Clarino Crust™ collections are used in garment, accessories, bags, shoes, furniture, and consumer electronics.



The high-end manufacturing process allows for improved yields and unsurpassed consistency in quality. Thanks to its very fine structures it can be treated with traditional methods used by tanneries. Clarino™ suede type man-made leather is characterized by being light-weight and highly durable at the same time.



Discover Clarino™: "easy wear, easy care"
the preferred choice of market leaders!

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