10.01.2011 |

New PIOLOFORM® (PVB) Grade available

Kuraray Europe GmbH (KEG) is pleased to announce another new PVB grade (®PIOLOFORM BL 16) for the market, further enhancing our comprehensive PVB product range: ®PIOLOFORM BL 16

®PIOLOFORM BL 16 represents the first commercially available member of a new class of mixed acetals from Kuraray. ®PIOLOFORM BL 16 was formerly produced by Wacker under the same trade name. ®PIOLOFORM BL 16 is now produced by Kuraray based on Wackers original recipe at the Kuraray PVB manufacturing site in Frankfurt, Germany.

Recommended Uses Binder for printing inks, pigment preparations, pigment chips, binder for coatings (adhesion promotion, corrosion protection primers, powder coatings).

Heiko Mack
Kuraray Europe GmbH
Business Unit PVB
Head of Marketing & Sales
Tel.: +49 69 305 85343
Mail: Heiko.Mack@kuraray.eu


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