By 2030, all plastic packaging in the EU should be reusable or recyclable. Environmentally friendly packaging with barrier coatings such as EXCEVAL™...


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Kuraray Europe ranked by IMWF, Deutschland Test and Focus Money as one of Germany's best companies for vocational training — Apprentice chemical...


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22nd - 25th, May 2019
Beijing, China


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Greetings from the Biopolymer Conference 2019! Meet Bianca and Robin at the booth to discuss our Bio-based solutions for your application.


EXCEVAL™: Barrierebeschichtung für Lebensmittel-Papierverpackungen
Mit EXCEVAL™ bieten wir auch ein Barrierematerial für die Beschichtung von Lebensmittel-Papierverpackungen an. In Kombination mit Papier stellt es eine umweltfreundliche Alternative zu herkömmlichen Lebensmittelverpackungen dar.


Optimizing meeting culture ‒ or: when the buzzer hums!
You all know this: one meeting follows another, there are no agendas, or if there are, they are largely being ignored. Chatterboxes go on forever, and results - if any - are not being written down, making learning almost impossible. Rumour has it that two thirds of employees experience the daily routine of company meetings as frustrating, at least occasionally, with devastating consequences. In this way, meetings become a real cost factor and, on top of that, the number one motivation killer.