People at Kuraray

Who can provide a better insight into working at Kuraray than our employees? We therefore give them space to outline their work here.

Take a look at what our employees do and read their personal stories and experience.


Anwar Benkerta

Dual Higher Education & Training at Kuraray Europe France S.A.R.L. (KEF) – “Best of Both Worlds!”

Since 2015 Kuraray Europe France has trained students for periods of one or two years.


Josefine Sörgel

Josefine Sörgel / chemical lab technician, BSc

“I chose my career on the basis of my preferences,” says Josefine Sörgel, a chemical lab technician who also gained a BSc through a combined training and study programme. “Chemistry, biology, maths and IT were my favourite subjects, so I spent my final school years at a specialist science college in Berlin.”…


Anna Meier

Anna Meier / chemical engineer

“Maths and chemistry were my best subjects at school, but I also really liked art,” says Anna Meier, who has been at Kuraray since 2015…


Elisabeth Wächter-Schäper

Elisabeth Wächter-Schäper / graduate physicist

Elisabeth Wächter-Schäper has a physics degree from Paderborn university and has been head of process control technology at Kuraray since 2017…


Johanna Grimbichler

Johanna Grimbichler / chemical engineer

Johanna Grimbichler joined Kuraray in 2013 immediately after gaining her degree in chemical engineering at Karlsruhe university. She started out in Operational Business Support and now holds a managerial position as a process engineer in POVAL Production…


Fabio Grasso

Fabio Grasso / worker in the Mowital plant

Hidden Talents: Fabio Grasso draws our safety tips.
Safety has top priority at Kuraray. „Safety is the cornerstone of everything we do“ is one of our guiding principles. Our internal magazine therefore always includes a safety tip − designed by one of our employees!…


Jörg Bruss

Jörg Bruss / globally reponsible for Kuraray's PVB Technics business

Some colleagues can do just about everything! Jörg Bruss, globally responsible for Kuraray's PVB Technics business, ran past some of our dental colleagues looking for the face of their new Panavia ™ V5 campaign, which he was recruited for on the spot!…


Peter Fries

Peter Fries / Process Development PVB Film in Troisdorf

His job requires him to weigh up projects thoroughly and in detail – and plastics engineer Peter Fries does not want to do things by halves in his free time either. He has been involved in humanitarian projects in Africa since 2010…


Juliane Löbig

Juliane Löbig / Head of Finance & Accounting

Since March of last year, Juliane Löbig has been the Head of Finance & Accounting at Kuraray Europe GmbH – a new, exciting challenge for the 40-year-old Business Management graduate. We spoke with her about the not-so-straightforward career path she took, the many obstacles she overcame and the enthusiasm for her work…