Kuraray Products for agriculture
The world‘s population is growing and so is the need for food. Kuraray’s innovative solutions support farmers in meeting today‘s  challenges: from seed to harvest, Kuraray products for seed coating, fumigant films and silage foils are used to increase yields and protect food and animal feed.



KURARAY POVAL for Seeds, Seed coating

KURARAY POVAL™ is used to coat seeds in order to control germination. The coating keeps the seeds safe and ensures that they only germinate under adequate temperature and humidity conditions. Additionally it protects the seeds from damage during handling, prevents dust and provides seeds with a cosmetic shiny appearance.

KURARAY POVAL™ coatings are also used to accurately and professionally apply fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides to the seed, further enhancing germination, plant vigor and establishment.

Fertilizer sticks & foils

KURARAY POVAL for fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides

The binding capabilities for fertilizers, pesticides herbicides and fungicides of KURARAY POVAL™ are also used in fertilizer sticks and foils. KURARAY POVAL™ foils moreover help protect sloping grounds from erosion by the aggregation of soils.

Land silos

EVAL barrier layer for land silos

Land silos offer an effective way to store agricultural products near the source of production and protect them from outside elements until they can be transported or used locally for feed.

An EVAL™ barrier layer added to the structure provides extra protection:

  • against oxidation and degradation of the stored product
  • against external contamination and odours
  • against pests by providing a hermetic storage environment

Fumigation films

EVAL for fumigation films, fumigant gases

The use of fumigant gases in agriculture helps produce high quality vegetables, fruit and flowers.  Held in place with plastic sheeting, they sterilise the soil - eliminating pests like nematodes, bacteria and fungi - boosting yields.“

Adding an EVAL™ barrier layer to fumigation films sharply improves gas retention, blocking permeation to keep fumigants active in the soil.  The improvement is so dramatic compared to other films, that the EVAL™-containing structure has been called TIF™, or "Totally Impermeable Film".  Both initial peak and total chemical emissions into the environment can be sharply reduced. Lower permeation means improved safety for farm workers and reduced buffer zones near inhabited areas.

Barrier silage wrap films

EVAL for barrier silage wrap films, silage bale

Barrier silage wrap films including a thin layer of EVAL™ block the entry of oxygen into the silage bale.  This prevents degradation of the feed, protects value and extends storage time.

Hermetic Bags

EVAL for hermetic bags, hermetic storage

Hermetic Bags including EVAL™ protect stored grain from mold, insects and moisture to reduce food loss. Hermetic storage means a tightly closed storage, totally isolated from surrounding air. Maintaining a low-oxygen environment using EVAL™ is a low-cost and easy way to suppress the growth of bacteria and insects and maintain grain quality.

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