Products for the clothing industry

Short-lived trends, tough competition, rising quality awareness are some of the challenges that the textile and clothing industry has to address. That makes expert and reliable partners essential at all stages in the value chain. Partners who can help assure quality and minimise returns. Place your trust in Kuraray’s quality and advice. With more than 80 years experience, we are a competent partner for the textile industry.


Textile production

High-quality KURARAY POVAL™ (Mowiol) and KURARAY POVAL™ polyvinyl alcohols are used as sizes in the textile industry and for textile coating, we supply LIR/LBR colourless, transparent and virtually odourless liquid rubber.

Fibres and Fabrics

Have you heard of Sophista®? This new functional fibre developed by Kuraray for sports and leisurewear combines the wear comfort of natural fibres with the functional benefits of synthetic fibres. And what about Vectran®?  This is another Kuraray fibre: its five times as strong as steel, making it ideal for protective clothing. KURALON® K-II is a new high-tenacity fibre used in blends with wool, cotton and acrylics. We also supply amaretta™, a unique fine nonwoven fabric made of advanced microfibers that looks like leather.

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