Products for the electrical and
electronics industry

The electrical and electronics industry is one of the biggest industrial sectors in the world, with total production volume of more than EUR 2,500 billion. The sector covers all aspects of the generation, distribution and use of electric power. Products include converters, electrical appliances, components such as switches for control and regulation technology, computers, telecommunications and entertainment electronics. Kuraray supplies many products used in a wide variety of electrical and electronics applications.

Binders for technical ceramics

Our Mowital® polyvinyl butyrals have excellent adhesive and film-forming properties, high bonding power and perfect optical transparency. These polymers are soluble in many organic solvents and can be combined with a wide range of reactants. Due to their extremely low salt content, Mowital SB grades are outstanding temporary binders for use in the production of high-performance ceramics for fuel cells and piezo ceramics, and in passive components such as capacitors, inductors and resistors.

PVOH film for LCD displays

Through KURARAY POVAL™, Kuraray is the world's leading supplier of polyvinyl alcohol for optical applications. KURARAY POVAL™ is the basis for polarisation films used in all common LCD displays, for example, for flat-screen TVs, computers, mobile phones and other applications.

New type of heat-restiant plastic

Genestar™ is a new type of polyamide developed by Kuraray. It has high heat resistance, so applications include electrical and electronic components.

Activated carbon for capacitors

Activated carbon from Kuraray is often used in double layer capacitors, for example, for hybrid cars and computers.

Battery separators

If you are looking for reliable battery separators, our PA9T polyamide fibres are just what you need.

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