Products for the plastics industry

In the global market industrial product development is becoming more and more challenging. For the plastics industry, that means increasing demand for more individual products, produced in small quantities, with shorter lead times. Plastic compounds tailored specifically to the requirements of a particular product are therefore becoming more important. As a leading supplier of speciality polymers, Kuraray is a competent partner for the plastics industry.


Thermoplastic processing

MOWIFLEX™ is a novel compound tailored exactly to the conditions required for thermoplastic processing. It can be used in all conventional processes used in the conversion of plastics, and offers all the benefits of polyvinyl alcohol (PVA): it is soluble in water and forms glossy, translucent films with high tensile strength. Since it can also be coloured readily and has high pigment bonding capacity, it is extremely suitable for masterbatches.

Emulsion polymerisation

EXCEVAL™ is Kuraray’s range of ethylene-modified polymers. Like conventional PVOH, these ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers are completely soluble in water, but they have superior hydrophobic properties, higher water resistance, and better gas barrier properties at elevated relative humidity.

PVC compounding

Kuraray supplies high-quality speciality chemicals for the production of PVC. KURARAY POVAL™ L grades are low-viscosity polyvinyl alcohols with low hydrolysis for use as primary protective colloids in suspension polymerisation of PVC. KURARAY POVAL™ LM grades also have low hydrolysis. They are used as secondary protective colloids.

Other auxiliaries

In addition, we offer, 1,7-octadiene, a crosslinker that makes plastics stronger, tougher and more durable as well as MPD (3-methyl 1,5-pentanediol), a plasticiser for polyurethane and polyester resins.

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