Products for sports equipment and toys

Sports equipment and toys have to meet special requirements. While sports products have to withstand extremely tough conditions, it is exceptionally important that toys meet safety standards designed to prevent accidents and health hazards. With Kuraray products you are always on the safe side.


Sport shoes

Well-known sports shoe manufacturers rely on quality products made by Kuraray. For example, a growing number of top-class shoe soles are made from our SEPTON™ Q elastomers. They are very light, yet have extremely high abrasion resistance, a soft surface and high transparency. Similarly, amaretta™, synthetic leather offers producers a wide range of benefits: it can be dyed any colour, and is lightweight, durable, easy-care, breathable and water-resistant.

Sports equipment

HYBRAR™ is the elastomer of choice for tennis racquets that are pleasant to hold and have extremely good vibration damping and shock absorption properties. Hydrogenated HYBRAR polymers have excellent combinability with polypropylene and can be used to produce compounds with high flexibility and very good mechanical properties.


Our elastomers are the ideal choice for safe and durable toys. The SEPTON™ range comprises a broad spectrum of products that have the same properties as rubber over a wide temperature range. As well as having high tensile strength, they are elastic and completely non-toxic. SEPTON reliably meets the demands set by the EU chemicals legislation.

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