Diols/Polyols from Kuraray –
the basis for new polymers

Kuraray offers artificial diols, 3-Methyl-1,5-pentanediol (MPD) and 1,9-Nonanediol (ND). Those are truly unique products produced with Kuraray's proprietary synthesis technology. A variety of derivatives from these diols are also available under the name Kuraray Polyols. The methyl branch of MPD imparts many distinctive properties to the derived polymers, including low viscosity, hydrolysis resistance, wide compatibility and good softness. Our diols and polyols form the basis for the development of brand new polymers.
  • Printing ink for flexible package
  • Synthetic leather
  • Stretch fiber
  • Soft film
  • PU adhesive
  • Soft TPU (without plasticizer)
  • PU emulsion
  • Polyester plasticizer
  • Modifier
  • Waterborne resin

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"Strongly improve the performance of your PU in Coatings and Adhesives Formulations with premium MPD based Polyols".