Solvents from Kuraray –
keeping the world cleaner and greener

When water is not enough, MMB is a strong supporter for your cleaning activities. It is widely compatible with hydrophobic materials and is completely miscible in water. Furthermore it has low odor, low toxicity and is biodegradable. Glycol ethers can be replaced by MMB with reducing risk of harms and environmental impact. In many cases, MMB can significantly increase detergency power of other cleaning ingredients such as D-Limonene. MMB-Ac has specific solvency power, which is suitable for thinner application and wet paint remover. Thanks to special compatibility with certain pigments among other characteristics, MPD and Isopentyldiol can contribute to your ink-jet ink as unique solvents.
4-Methyltetrahydropyran (MTHP) is a novel hydrophobic solvent which proposes additional features against THF, 2-Methyl-THF or other solvents in several organic reactions. As MTHP can be easily separated from water, the amount of wastewater can be reduced and this opens new perspectives in sustainable chemistry.


  • Air freshener
  • Ink and coatings
  • Paint
  • Degreaser
  • Industrial cleaner
  • Household cleaner
  • Organic Reactions

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