GENESTAR™ – the new heat-resistant polyamide resin

Genestar™ is a new polyamide engineering plastic developed by Kuraray from a unique C9 monomer. Thanks to its excellent performance including low water absorption, high-heat resistance, high-chemical resistance, and dimensional precision, Genestar is used in an increasing range of applications including electrical and electronics components as well as automotive parts.
  • Injection and extrusion molding in automotive and industrial applications
  • SMT connectors (Surface Mount Technology), electrical components, and electronics
  • Gears

GENESTAR™ is a brand name of heat resistant polyamides developed by Kuraray. GENESTAR™ PA9T is in that brand a well-balanced long-chain polyphthalamide (PPA) that combines a low water absorption and high mechanical properties over a broad temperature range.

>> GENESTAR™ PA9T for blister-resistant reflow connectors

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