KURARISTER™ – the difference is clear

KURARISTER™ is a transparent barrier film for use in retorted food packaging. This innovative product uses original Kuraray technology: a special composite high barrier coating, applied onto a base film of oriented polyamide or polyester.

The polymer-based barrier layer withstands demanding retort conditions, and is resilient enough to avoid the formation of stress cracks and pinholes when folded and flexed. KURARISTER™ can be printed without additional surface treatment, and conveniently passes from retort to shelf to microwave.

For retortable food pouches, lidding film or health care packaging, KURARISTER™ offers a transparent and reliable alternative to aluminium and glass-coated films.
  • High gas and flavour barrier
  • Retortable and microwaveable
  • Excellent transparency
  • Resilient and reliable barrier performance
  • Easy to print and laminate
  • Fragrance
  • Air freshener
  • Pharmaceuticals

For more information, please visit www.kurarister.com, or contact Paul.Verstraten(at)kuraray.com