Kuraray polyester –
for high-quality paper applications

Kuraray is supplying polyester short cut and stable fibres for the paper and non-woven industries. Depending on application and demand, polyester fibres are available in various forms − with thicknesses from 0.5 to 3.3 dtex (from 7 to 20 micron). Kuraray polyester offers you reliable qualities for many demanding applications.
  • High tenacity
  • High tear strength
  • Chemical, acid and oil resistance
  • Heat seal ability
  • High wet strength
  • Heat resistance
  • Fine diameter
  • Good dispersion in water
  • Wall paper
  • Reverse osmosis filters
  • Acid battery separators
  • Tea bags
  • Air filters
  • Medical gowns
  • Stencil paper
  • Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Oil filters
  • Milk filters

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