Global No.1 products

We have used our unique technical strengths to create products that the world had never seen before. As the first company we commercialized KURALON, the first synthetic fiber produced using made-in-Japan technology. Other business areas include KURARAY POVAL® resin and film, PVB resin and film, the ethylene vinyl-alcohol (EVOH) copolymer EVAL™, which features excellent gas barrier properties as well as  the world‘s only synthetic isoprene chemical products. Besides that we have also launched a wide range of products which have become an integral part of our every-day-life such as CLARINO™ man-made-leather, which recreates the structure of natural leather or MAGIC TAPE hook-and-loop fastener.


Our worldwide number-one businesses account for about half of the Kuraray-s group total sales.



Expanding world-leading businesses1

1. Businesses that have the world's top market share, or are the only ones in their category worldwide (in-house survey).