Clarino™ Crust – The sustainable manmade leather that looks and feels like real leather

Traditionally, high-quality leather is used for top-end shoes, accessories, bags, suitcases and jewelry. At the same time, many consumers want products that are animal-friendly and sustainable. Clarino™ Crust from Kuraray is a unique alternative to real leather that is given a natural leather look using traditional tannery treatment. You can use this artificial leather to offer your customers products that meet the most demanding sustainability standards. 

The tannery-finished manmade leather

With Clarino™ Crust high-tech microfibers, Kuraray sets standards for sustainability and design. These water-based nonwovens are produced using a particularly sustainable process and have an exceptionally low PU content. Thanks to its unique structure, Clarino™ Crust is so similar to natural leather that it can be finished using traditional Tuscan tannery processes such as roll coating, embossing and spray finishing – to make sure it feels pleasant and looks like genuine leather.

Sustainable artificial leather for hard-wearing products

Clarino™ Crust also has superior technical properties, including high tear resistance, durability and robustness - ideal for hard-wearing products such as footwear, handbags and sustainable clothes. Manufacturers also benefit from its consistent quality, uniform structure and dimensional stability - for maximum use of the material and top efficiency. 

Benefit from Clarino™ Crust – the PU leather from Kuraray that combines Japanese innovation with Italian tannery finishing – and give your products an excellent sustainability profile.


  • Sustainable, eco-friendly profile due to low PU content
  • Looks and feels like natural leather; extremely durable and hard-wearing
  • Excellent processing properties - suitable for traditional tannery treatment

  • Shoes
  • Decoration & Jewellery
  • Accessories
  • Bags & Suitcases

  • Excellent tear resistance and dimensional stability
  • Waterborne leather alternative
  • Processable with conventional tannery methods such as roll coating, embossing and spray finishing
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