Achieve your sustainability goals with Kuraray fiber materials

High-performance polymer fibers have excellent mechanical properties and contribute to sustainable solutions in many different ways. For example, they reduce energy consumption as substitutes for steel in heavy industry, contribute to environmentally friendly packaging solutions, and play a part in sustainable textile production.

Kuraray offers a variety of high-performance materials that support your sustainability endeavors: Vectran™ LCP fibers, FREEMAGIC™ hook and loop fasteners, KURALON K-II™ fiber-based nonwovens and Clarino™ artificial leather made of 100% recycled nylon fiber.

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FREEMAGIC™ self-gripping hook and loop fasteners

Help reduce material consumption; solvent-free manufacturing process

Hook and loop fasteners are versatile, easy to use and almost indestructible. Therefore, they have been used for decades in vehicles, apparel, sports equipment and even the aviation and aerospace sectors. FREEMAGIC™ uses alternating hooks and loops in the same tape. This means that a single tape can be fastened to itself at any point. That means less material is required and avoids misplacement during assembly. In addition, no solvents are used in the manufacture of FREEMAGIC™. FREEMAGIC™ hook and loop fasteners are therefore effective, safe and environmentally friendly.

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Clarino™ microfiber

Creating a better world beyond next season

The mission of Clarino™ is to produce durable, high-quality products that go hand in hand with sustainability. Eco RX8060, the latest addition to the Clarino™ product range is a sustainable alternative for innovative design. Eco RX8060 is an exclusive material based on 100% recycled nylon fiber, the first recycled nylon of its kind. Clarino™ Suede and Clarino™ Crust water-borne products are also part of the green approach that is at the heart of the Clarino™ philosophy of developing products through responsible innovation. Clarino™ is constantly asking the question: how green do you want to be? 

We embrace the opportunity to develop state-of-the-art sustainable microfibers using water-borne raw materials and production processes, recycled raw materials and, in the future, more bio-based sources.

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