Creative space for tomorrow's innovations! 
Our new-style workspaces are open 

What will tomorrow's workplaces be like? At Kuraray’s European headquarters in Hattersheim, we can already take a look at the creative spaces for tomorrow's ideas because we opened new, multifunctional workspaces with state-of-the-art technology here in September. Although everything still smells fresh and new, it has already become a lively hub for spontaneous communication and networked working. At Kuraray in Europe, we have created spaces that support the dynamic new working practices we intend to establish in our company step by step: from design thinking and Scrum to agile project management.


Flexible, interactive, networked

Anyone entering our friendly new reception area soon notices that people here are working on tomorrow’s innovations for all areas of life. Staff and visitors from around the world get a direct introduction to our brand world in the showroom and the additional product showcases.

A bright lounge area for short ad-hoc meetings, open waiting areas with brightly colored bistro tables for customers and other visitors, a generous co-working space with workstations for colleagues from other sites, scope to withdraw if you need to work undisturbed, and a creative lab offering a mobile environment. Together, the new spaces offer versatile scope for networked collaboration.

State-of-the-art technologies - fully networked, interactive and easy to learn - drive forward global collaboration. From multifunctional printers and projectors to full HD Clever Touch screens, including integrated whiteboard functions, a camera and microphone - the right media for virtual local and global meetings. Mobile media walls and multifunctional furniture allow flexible adaptation of the space to meet various needs - from the Creative Lab, the co-working area and the showroom to large town hall meetings. “The new space will be a platform for cross-functional exchange, encourage networked thinking and action, and inspire innovation - and we intend to exploit these opportunities in the future,” says Johanna Krauthauf, Head of Organizational Development and Communication.