Japanese perfection for dentistry

Kuraray’s success story on the dental market started with the discovery of Phenyl P, the first adhesive monomer for dental medicine. The original MDP monomer produced from this had a profound effect on dental medicine around the world. In 1978 Kuraray introduced its first dental adhesive: CLEARFILM™ LINER BOND F. Having synthesized the first adhesive monomer in dental history, in 1981 Kuraray systematically improved it, resulting in a molecule with better adhesion to natural teeth and high affinity for metal surfaces. The result of this development work was MDP monomer (10-methacryloyloxydecyl hydrogen phosphate). The special structure and properties of this monomer proved convincing. 

We have now been developing products for 40 years, based on the Japanese search for perfection. Our research focuses on esthetics, reliability and preserving the natural tooth. Products such as the Caries Detector, PANAVIA™ and the industry gold standard CLEARFIL™ SE Bond combine top quality and outstanding esthetics. Our work is driven by the ongoing development of our products and constant adaptation to the needs of dentistry. In April 2012, Kuraray Medical Inc. and Noritake Dental Supply Co. Ltd. combined their strengths and merged to form Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc. The result has been optimal synergies in development, production and distribution – plus a strong presence in Asia, Europe and worldwide.  

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