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Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are special types of synthetic rubber. They combine the elastic properties of rubber with the benefits of thermoplastics, so they can be processed into almost any shape. 

Kuraray is a leading supplier of TPEs. It offers customers more than 30 different types of these starting products with individual product properties.

TPEs are robust, yet have a pleasantly soft touch and good wear comfort. What's more, they improve the compatibility of plastics in many industrial applications. Kuraray's TPEs are recyclable, environmentally compatible, free of PVC and do not need additional, harmful plasticizers. TPEs can be used for different plastic compounds and products for everyday use. Examples are toys, toothbrushes, medical tubes, sealants, sports equipment and tires. What's more they can be used effectively in adhesives and as lubricant additives.

  • TPE compounds
  • Adhesives, coatings and sealants
  • Automotive components and tires
  • Medical products
  • Toys and sports equipment 
  • Elastic film
  • Electronic components
  • Consumer goods
  • Soft grips 
  • Gels
  • Packaging
  • Acoustic components
  • Modifiers



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Versatility: SEPTON™

SEPTON™ thermoplastic elastomers are hydrogenated styrene block copolymers brought onto the market by Kuraray in the 1990s. We have steadily developed our portfolio since then and now market the SEPTON™ BIO-series based on natural renewable raw materials.

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SEPTON™ SEPTON™ BIO-series Case Study SEPTON™ BIO-series

Liquid Rubber: L-IR, L-BR and L-SBR

KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER (LR) is a range of high-viscosity isoprene-based (L-IR), butadiene-based (L-BR) and styrene/butadiene-based (L-SBR) liquid rubbers, whose benefits include increasing the service life of car tires. Using KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER in tire production greatly reduces processing times and thus production costs, without altering the physical properties of the rubber blends. KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER is mainly used in tires, adhesives, coatings and sealants.

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Vibration Damping: HYBRAR™

HYBRAR™ thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are styrene block copolymers with very good vibration damping properties. They are particularly suitable for sports shoes and automotive applications.

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Transparency: KURARITY™

KURARITY™ thermoplastic elastomers are a new range of acrylic block copolymers. Their wide-ranging properties include excellent transparency and weather resistance. KURARITY™ optimizes self-adhesive properties and improves bonding to polar plastics (for example, in over-molding and co-extrusion processes).

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