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3D printing is currently developing by leaps and bounds. In the past, this technology was mainly used for rapid production of prototypes but now companies are increasingly using 3D printers to produce functional end-use components. In the not-too-distant future, customer-specific products will be manufactured on an industrial scale using 3D printers. 

Three toy figures of sumo wrestlers.


For some time now, Kuraray has also been marketing its own 3D printing filament, MOWIFLEX™ 3D 2000 polyvinyl alcohols. This material can be used to print support structures for complex, filigree and overhanging shapes. The special feature of MOWIFLEX™ 3D 2000 is that it is soluble in water: at the end of the printing process, it can simply be washed off with water, without leaving any trace of the contact points on the product. PVA is also the raw material used to produce Mowital®.

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