EVAL™ EVOH – When less really is more

EVAL™ can help food producers and distributors make packaging more efficient, avoiding waste while conserving energy and resources, and reducing the total amount of packaging materials. 1mm of this ethylene vinyl-alcohol (EVOH) copolymer has the same gas barrier properties as a 10 metre thick wall of standard low-density polyethylene. With such performance, an EVAL™ resin or film thickness measuring just a few microns can provide amazingly effective barrier properties against oxygen, CO2, and contamination. EVAL™ is recyclable and recoverable, and allows for innovative packaging design that is both reliable and safe in use.  

EVAL™ also helps use energy more efficiently.  It's excellent fuel vapour barrier and chemical resistance adds real function to safe and light weight fuel systems, and extends the service life of insulation and heating systems.  

Using less material and resources generates less waste leads and adds up to greater savings at each stage of the product life-cycle, while helping to reduce the overall environmental impact.    

Kuraray was the first company in the world to commercialize EVOH: production of EVAL™ started in 1972. EVAL™ Europe nv was established in 1997 in Antwerp, Belgium. It is a wholly-owned Kuraray subsidiary, and the European leader in EVOH production and market development. 

  • Outstanding gas and aroma barrier properties 1mm EVAL = 10,000 mm LDPE
  • Protects value and helps reduce waste
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils and fuel vapour
  • Safe in use, recyclable and recoverable

  • Food packaging
  • Cosmetic and health care packaging
  • Plastic fuel systems
  • Agricultural films
  • Construction (efficient energy use)

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