EVAL™ EVOH – Absolutely airtight; superior protection for food and the environment

Food packaging, fuel tanks, chemicals: many applications require an effective gas barrier to keep gases in or out. Kuraray offers you durable, high-performance EVAL™ ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymers (EVOH) for such applications.

Lasting protection for food and healthcare products

EVAL™ EVOH from Kuraray helps the food and healthcare industries develop packaging that preserves the quality of products over long periods. Recyclable multilayer structures containing EVOH can comply with the highest hygiene regulations as well as standards and regulations for food contact applications. EVAL™ EVOH gives packaging that is just one millimeter thick a functional barrier equivalent to a plastic wall that is 10 meters thick – for lightweight packaging that is resource-efficient and reduces waste.

Safe fuel tanks, energy-efficient building materials

The automotive industry uses EVAL™ EVOH resins to manufacture extremely lightweight plastic tanks that can meet the most demanding emission standards. EVOH ensures that containers for the storage and transportation of chemicals have high barrier properties. In addition, EVAL™ EVOH increases the life cycle and energy efficiency of under-floor heating pipes and building materials.

The outstanding barrier properties of EVAL™ EVOH make it the product of choice to preserve freshness and quality, protect the environment and help meet top efficiency requirements in industry and the automotive sector.


  • Preserving quality
  • Protecting the environment
  • Compliance with a wide range of standards and regulations

  • Food packaging
  • Packaging for cosmetics and personal care (=healthcare) products
  • Plastic fuel tanks
  • Agricultural film
  • Building materials (improved energy efficiency)

  • Outstanding gas and aroma barrier properties 1mm EVAL = 10,000 mm LDPE
  • Resistant to chemicals, oils and fuel vapour
  • Safe in use, recyclable and recoverable
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