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Short-lived trends, tough competition, rising quality awareness are just some of the enormous challenges that the textile and clothing industry has to address. Expert and reliable partners are therefore essential at all stages in the value chain. Partners who can help assure quality and minimize returns. Place your trust in Kuraray’s quality and advice. With more than 80 years’ experience, we are a competent partner for the textile industry.

Textile Production

Sizes are vital for textile production. They protect yarn from splitting and prevent abrasion during weaving. Our high-quality KURARAY POVAL™ and ELVANOL™ polyvinyl alcohols and our colorless, transparent and virtually odor-free Liquid Isoprene Rubber (L-IR), Liquid Butadiene Rubber (L-BR) and Liquid Styrene/Butadiene Rubber (L-SBR) are ideal for this. They are all marketed under the KURARAY LIQUID RUBBER brand. 
In addition, KURARAY POVAL™ and ELVANOL™ can be desized in hot water and are more effective than starch.

Industrial reels of thread in a factory.

Fibers & Fabrics

For maximum strength we recommend Vectran™ high-strength polyarylate fiber: This fiber its five times as strong as steel, making it ideal for protective clothing. KURALON™ K II  PVOH fiber is a new water-soluble fiber used in blends with wool, cotton and acrylics. 

We market the world's finest specialty microfiber suede fabrics under the Clarino™ man-made leather brand. These amaretta™ man-made leather products are made from advanced microfibers. Although a single amaretta™ microfiber is 4,000 times finer than a human hair, this microfiber nonwoven has high tear resistance  and a robust structure. Other advantages are its homogeneous appearance and uniform texture. Our man-made leathers are used in many innovative areas, including clothing, accessories, bags and shoes.

Kuraray markets Mowital® polyvinyl butyrals, a high-quality binder for textile printing and the production of nonwoven fabrics. 

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