MOWIFLEX™ – Combining strengths of thermoplastics and PVOH

Kuraray has a long history in the development of polyvinyl alcohol based products used in various industries. MOWIFLEX™, a compound of PVOH and plasticizer, has been designed in order to suit thermoplastic processing needs.

MOWIFLEX™ possesses all the properties of standard PVOH and  can be processed as a thermoplastic at the same time creating the possibility to be used in various application fields. It can also be combined with other polymers to modify the properties of the end product.

  • Specially developed for thermoplastic processing
  • Soluble in water
  • Gas barrier properties versus oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and organic substances such as fragrances and aromas
  • Biodegradable in aqueous solutions

  • Packaging films
  • Food packaging
  • Injection moulding
  • Temporary processing aid
  • 3D printing (water-soluble support material)

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