MOWIFLEX™ – The water-soluble thermoplastic for demanding requirements

High-performance materials that simply dissolve in water after use are required for support structures for 3D printing, injection molding of hollow objects and innovative packaging applications. MOWIFLEX™ polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH) from Kuraray meets these requirements. You can use this material in your thermoplastic production processes to create applications that meet the highest requirements.

A thermoplastic for complex geometries

MOWIFLEX™. Based on polyvinyl alcohol, it is soluble in water, non-toxic and biodegradable in aqueous solutions. The unique mechanical properties of this thermoplastic material make it ideal for water-soluble objects and as a temporary processing aid in industry. For example, in injection molding, MOWIFLEX™ facilitates the production of hollow objects using the lost core (fusible core) process.

Water-soluble support material for high-performance 3D printing

In 3D printing, MOWIFLEX™ is used as a support material. Support structures made of this PVOH material can be washed off easily with water after printing. It therefore enables 3D printing of very delicate shapes and overhanging structures. Films made from MOWIFLEX™ can be used for food packaging. Their excellent oxygen barrier properties keep food fresh and preserve its flavor. Kuraray markets PVOH thermoplastics as ready-to-use compounds with optimized dissolving properties and melt viscosity for various applications.

Benefit from the new options offered by MOWIFLEX™ from Kuraray for demanding thermoplastic applications.


  • Ready-to-use compound
  • Optimized for 3D printing
  • Facilitates production of complex geometries

  • Food packaging
  • Packaging films
  • Injection molding
  • 3D printing (water-soluble support material)
  • Temporary processing aid
  • (e.g. lost core (fusible core) injection molding)

  • Specifically developed for thermoplastic processing
  • Soluble in water
  • Gas barrier properties versus oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and organic substances such as fragrances and aromas
  • Biodegradable in aqueous solutions
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