From top to toe — Cosmetic products from Kuraray 

From skin care and face masks to shampoo, conditioners and shower gels: alongside emollients and moisturizers, many toiletries and cosmetic products need active ingredients that enhance the stability of formulations. Kuraray markets advanced, high-quality active ingredients and precursors for the cosmetics industry. And our nonwovens can be used as a basis for fabric-based cosmetic face masks, which are very popular at present.

In the past, cosmetic packaging focused on attractive presentation. Now, rising ecological awareness is making sustainable packaging more important. Our MonoSol water-soluble films open up completely new, sustainable packaging options for liquid soap, shaving foam and other toiletries. The packaging simply dissolves during use.


A pipette filled with liquid.


SEPTON™ thermoplastic Elastomer

SEPTON™ can be used as thickener to increase the viscosity of the oil phase or as a film former. It can stabilize water in oil (W/O) emulsions. Using SEPTON™ in the formulation improves the water-resistance and the gloss effect of your cosmetic product.


A lady using a fabric-based facial mask.


Man-made fibers 

KURAFLEX™ and FELIBENDY™ nonwovens can be used for pads and wipes impregnated with make-up remover and for facial masks. 



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