KURALON™ – the high-performance PVOH fibre

KURALON™ is a synthetic fibre made of polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH), which is used in many industrial applications owing to its unique and excellent performance. Kuraray is the world’s leading producer  of polyvinyl alcohol fibre, as well as resin. KURALON™ is available as staple fibre, spun yarn, short-cut fibre and filament.

  • High tenacity
  • Low elongation
  • High Young’s modulus
  • Low creep
  • Low heat shrinkage in hot air
  • Chemical resistance
  • Affinity to rubber and resins
  • UV-stability
  • Hydrophilic 
  • Water-soluble types available

  • Reinforcement of rubber (e.g. hoses, belts)
  • Specialty paper
  • Reinforcement in construction industry (e.g. for cement, concrete)
  • Reinforcement of plastics (e.g. helmets)
  • Fibre for ropes, cords and threads
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