EXCEVAL™ – The water-resistant PVOH for more eco-friendly packaging

Polyvinyl alcohols with especially high water resistance are required to produce adhesives, wood glue and barrier coatings for food packaging made of paper and plastics. EXCEVAL™ polyvinyl alcohols from Kuraray are stable, high-performance EVOH products that make your adhesives, coatings and packaging more environmentally friendly and enhance their performance.

The best gas barrier for innovative paper packaging

EXCEVAL™ from Kuraray helps industry develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging. Coatings with this polyvinyl alcohol have very high water resistance and give paper, plastic film and other substrates an excellent gas barrier to oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide – even in conditions where relatively humidity is high. EXCEVAL™ is FDA-certified. It has very high resistance to grease and oil, so it can be used to make extremely effective packaging materials.

Excellent water resistance for environmentally friendly wood glues

These halogen-free, hydrophobically modified polyvinyl alcohols were specially developed for applications requiring high water resistance. That makes EXCEVAL™ the product of choice as a protective colloid for water-resistant emulsions – for example, for effective PVA wood glues. An additional crosslinker is often unnecessary. Moreover, EXCEVAL™ allows eco-friendly formaldehyde-free production of wood glues.

Use EXCEVAL™ in your packaging and adhesives to develop high-performance eco-friendly products with a reduced environmental impact.


  • Improves product performance and quality
  • Supports the development of sustainable products and barrier materials
  • Helps to launch eco-friendly materials e.g. formaldehyde-free wood adhesives

  • Adhesives
  • Ceramics
  • Paper
  • Textile sizing and finishing
  • Photosensitive coatings
  • Pigmented paper coatings
  • Barrier coating of films, paper and other substrates from aqueous solutions

  • High water resistance
  • Strong gas barrier at high humidity
  • Gas barrier versus oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and organic substances
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