1,9-nonanediol –The ingredient of choice for polyols and fine chemicals

1,9-nonanediol has a unique structure suitable for diverse applications from polyols to intermediates for aroma chemicals, agrochemicals and pharmaceuticals. From this C9 linear chain produced by Kuraray, you will be able to produce high-performance polymers.

Optimized water resistance for enhanced durability

1,9-nonanediol is a synthetic linear diol that has many benefits. The two primary hydroxyl groups make this long-chain diol an ideal candidate for di-substitution. For diacrylate applications, the hydrophobicity of this C9 molecule improves water resistance, assuring the durability and stability of the end products, and lowers viscosity during production.

An outstanding component for fine chemicals

At room temperature, ND is a white solid with a melting point of 46°C. Once melted, ND is a liquid with low viscosity, which makes it easy to handle and a perfect binder for toners. This unusual diol is highly suitable for many fine-chemical applications.


  • Improved water resistance in diacrylate applications
  • Improves the performance of polymers (durability, water resistance, stability…)
  • High hydrophobicity

  • Raw material for polyester and polycarbonate polyols
  • Chain extender for PU resins
  • Diacrylates
  • Intermediate for fine chemicals (pharmaceuticals, aroma chemicals, agrochemicals)
  • Toner binder

  • Crystalline glycol
  • Linear long-chain diol
  • Solid at room temperature with a low melting point
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