MMB-Ac – loves graffiti, grease and paint

Powerful solvents are essential for high-performance cleaners such as graffiti removers and industrial paint thinners. Industrial customers use MMB-Ac (3-methoxy-3-methyl-1-butyl acetate) from Kuraray. Your applications can benefit from the unique properties of MMB-Ac and its good toxicity profile.

A powerful product for high-performance cleaners that are not subject to labeling requirements

The cleaning agents industry uses MMB-Ac, a fine chemical that acts as a powerful solvent, for example, in high-performance cleaners like graffiti removers. One benefit of this product is its low toxicity, which makes it ideal for effective cleaners that are not subject to labeling requirements.

A strong industrial degreaser

MMB-Ac is used, for example, in industrial cleaners or strippers . MMB-Ac is more lipophilic than Kuraray's MMB, so it enhances the solubility of wax and resins. The excellent degreasing properties of this solvent make it an ideal ingredient for use in industrial degreasers. Kuraray was the first company in Europe to register MMB-Ac under EU Chemicals Regulation REACH, which greatly simplifies use by industrial customers.

The outstanding properties of MMB-Ac from Kuraray make the perfect choice for formulations for high-performance cleaners and paints with optimal viscosity.


  • Ideal for high-performance cleaners that do not require labeling

  • Graffiti remover
  • Paint thinner
  • Paint stripper
  • Adhesive stripper
  • Industrial cleaner
  • Degreaser

  • low toxicity profile
  • Good degreasing power

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