MPD – A unique diol for high-performance polyols/polymers

Polyols are essential for the production of polyurethanes and are responsible for their resistance, flexibility and softness. Kuraray produces MPD (3-methyl-1,5-pentanediol), a diol for high-performance polyols which helps simplify your production processes and improve your products.

Softness and resistance – Optimized polyurethanes

MPD is a high-quality diol with many interesting features from which Kuraray produces polyester polyols and polycarbonate polyols for PU resins. MPD can increase the durability of finished products, giving them good weather, water and abrasion resistance. Its hydrophobicity, compatibility with other solvents and transparency make MPD a popular chain extender.

Liquid at room temperature – For easier handling

Thanks to its central methyl branch, MPD has unique amorphous properties, which allow the production of polyurethanes with low crystallinity. MPD’s special structure is also ideal for di-substitution, for example, in diacrylate production. Unlike conventional diols, MPD is liquid at room temperature, which makes it easy to handle and simplifies processes. 

Benefit from the multiple options offered by MPD, a Kuraray diol for high-performance polyols for your most challenging applications.


  • Easier handling of MPD-based polyols (liquid at room temperature, low viscosity)
  • Improved performance of MPD-based PU (adhesion, softness, resistance)

  • Raw material for polyester and polycarbonate polyols
  • PU chain extender
  • Solvent for inks
  • Raw material for diacrylates

  • Symmetric branched diol
  • High hydrophobicity
  • Clear, colorless and liquid at room temperature
  • Amorphous
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