MPD – improving the performance of your polymers

MPD (3-methyl-1.5-pentanediol) is an isomer of 1.6-hexanediol and hexylene glycol, but has even more unique properties. Thanks to the methyl branch in the middle of structure, MPD and its derivatives remain amorphous even at low temperatures. As a resin, MPD gives a high degree of softness, durability, solvent compatibility and transparency. Polyurethane and polyester resins are key applications for this diol. 

MPD opens the door to new innovative applications for your polymers.

  • Polyester polyol for PU resins
  • Polycarbonate polyol for PU resins
  • Chain extenders for PU resins
  • Polyester resin for paints 
  • Di-acrylate
  • Pharmaceuticals

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