Squalane – The high grade product for technically advanced skin care products

With Squalane, Kuraray supports your pharmaceutical, cream or cosmetic product developments for enhanced moisturization and incredible skin feel. You can rely on the high purity of our products and the expertise Kuraray has to offer as the world’s leading manufacturer of synthetic Squalane.

A powerful emollient for soft and restored skin

Squalane is a highly purified, saturated hydrocarbon considered as a great emollient providing excellent skin feel and supporting skin regeneration. Squalane is the ideal moisturizing ingredient for high quality skin care products, keeps the skin smooth and hydrated.

A high purity product compliant with demanding regulations

In the pharmaceutical industry Squalane is a sought-after ingredient for creams and ointments. With the innovative terpenoid synthesis technology, Kuraray reaches consistent high purity and quality of synthetic Squalane. For all those reasons, Kuraray’s Squalane meets the high requirements of the latest European Pharmacopoeia.

With its synthetic origin and efficient moisturizing properties, Kuraray’s Squalane is the best ingredient choice for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic skin care products.


  • Powerful emollient
  • High moisturizing properties
  • European Pharmacopoeia compliant

  • Pharmaceutical ointments and creams
  • Skin color cosmetics
  • Skin care
  • Veterinary (topical applications, vaccines)

  • Clear and colorless liquid
  • Odorless
  • Synthetic origin
  • High purity
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