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New buildings take up tradition and also respond to trends reflecting changes in society, people's rising expectations and modern living standards. Striking, flexible and energy-efficient are key trends in contemporary construction and lifestyles. Kuraray makes sure it keeps up with such trends and offers an extensive portfolio off products which can be used to create architectural highlights.

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"Kuraray products for architecture & construction"

Building materials


Technical fibers for reinforcement

KURALON™ is a manmade fiber produced from polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH). KURALON™, PVOH fibers and KURALON™ K-II produced by Kuraray are used to reinforce plastics, cement and concrete because of their high tensile strength. High-performance engineered cementitious composites (ECC) can also be produced without difficulty with KURALON K-II.

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Barrier layers prevent corrosion

Over time, any oxygen that gets into plastic pipes in heating systems causes corrosion of radiators and other metal components. A co-extruded EVAL™ EVOH layer in underfloor heating pipes prevents oxygen permeating the pipes and dissolving in the circulating water. That reduces corrosion of metal parts in the heating system and significantly increases their service life.

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Geomembranes for personal and environmental protection

EVAL™ EVOH resin is used in personal and environmental protection applications such as geomembranes. Conventional secondary landfill liners made of polyethylene have excellent mechanical properties and therefore act as a barrier to heavy metals, but in combination with EVAL™ they can do far more. Incorporating EVAL™ into the primary or secondary liner improves its ability to act as a barrier to gases, organic solvents and other volatile organic compounds. As a barrier to organic solvents, which are typically found in leachate, EVAL™ can prevent soil and water contamination.

In radon membranes, an EVAL™ layer reduces gas permeability compared with aluminum and single-layer structures. EVOH barriers, which are already commonly used in Europe, greatly reduces radon infiltration.

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Interior design


Micropatterned film and light housings brighten up our lives

Our innovative micropatterned film allows the creation of stunning lighting concepts. A variety of effects can be achieved by positioning the film in front of an LED as it refracts, reflects, scatters or diffracts the light, depending the micropattern used. And the color of LED light housings made from GENESTAR™ heat-resistant polyamide resin hardly changes as a result of heat and UV radiation during the lifetime of the LED light source.

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