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KURAFLEX™ are dry-laid non-woven fabrics made either by hydroentangling or a chemical bonding process. They are used in an extremely wide variety of applications, from household to industrial materials and the medical field. 

  • Hygiene products ( e.g. wet wipes, masks)
  • Industrial ( e.g. dust masks, wiping cloths, filters) 
  • Commercial ( e.g. food service, wipes)
  • Medical ( e.g. surgical gown)


KURAFLEX™-MB are non-woven fabrics with ultra-fine fibres using the latest melt-blown technology. They have excellent filtering capabilities, air permeability, and waterproofing functionality. Kuraray also produces a special elastic melt-blown made out of our own thermoplastic elastomers.

  • Food packaging (e.g. coffee packs)
  • Industrial (e.g. masks, filters)


FELIBENDY™ are a new type of non-woven fabrics produced by using a high-temperature and high-pressure steam jet technology. This next-generation material offers special features and functions never before achieved. Furthermore, it is an environmentally-sound material, produced without chemical adhesives. 

  • Hygiene products and bandages
  • Underwear
  • Support cushion
  • High-performance ink-adsorbing material
  • Acoustic and heat insulation (e.g. cars) 
  • Boardlike, lightweight construction materials
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