Clarino™ Suede – The manmade leather with almost unlimited design possibilities

These days, clothes, accessories and fashionable luggage items such as suitcases and bags are expected to meet increasingly demanding and individual design requirements. At the same time, consumers are increasingly looking for sustainable products. Kuraray offers Clarino™ Suede, a new range of waterborne artificial leather materials that maximizes design freedom thanks to its wide variety of colors. Benefit from the countless possibilities that this eco-friendly artificial leather opens up for your designs.

Waterborne artificial leather for eco-friendly fashions

Like Clarino Crust, Clarino™ Suede is a sustainable alternative to real leather. This eco-friendly suede-look microfiber nonwoven is waterborne and has a low PU content. Kuraray uses an efficient production process, which reduces water usage by 70 percent and CO2 emissions by 35 percent compared with conventional manmade leather. Clarino™ Suede is available in a wide variety of shades with long-lasting brilliance that does not fade.

Fashion leather that maximizes creative freedom

In addition, Clarino™ Suede is suitable for printing and embossing. That makes this synthetic fashion leather extremely versatile. Thanks to its high heat resistance, it is also suitable for use in demanding processes such as thermomolding. Clarino™ Suede is machine-washable, very easy-care and has very low abrasion so it is ideal for fashionwear, shoes and accessories.

Benefit from the countless creative possibilities offered by Clarino™ Suede from Kuraray - and give your leather products a first-class environmental profile.


  • Unlimited design possibility for fashion applications - wide range of colors 
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable as the PU content has been reduced to a minimum
  • Long-lasting brilliance without fading or abrasion

  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Bags & Suitcases

  • Water-based and environmentally friendly leather alternative
  • Easily embossed, printable and extremely flexible in use
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Heat-resistant and moldable
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