ELVANOL™ polyvinyl alcohol is widely used in diverse applications such as: adhesives for paper, wood, textiles, leather and other water-absorbent substrates; as an emulsifier and protective colloid in the production of resin dispersions; in textile sizing and finishing; as photosensitive coatings; in specialty molded products; in water-soluble, gas-tight films; in paper and paperboard; and as binders for pigmented paper coatings, ceramic materials and nonwoven fabrics.

Kuraray markets three types of ELVANOL™: fully hydrolyzed, partially hydrolyzed, and copolymers. All are made by alcoholysis of polyvinyl acetate (PVAc). The fully hydrolyzed grades contain few, if any, residual acetate groups; while partially hydrolyzed grades retain some of the residual acetate groups. The partially hydrolyzed grades dissolve in water at room temperature; fully hydrolyzed grades dissolve in hot (200 degree F / 95 °C) water, and remain in solution when cooled to room temperature. 

The copolymer grades, developed specifically for warp sizing, offer a unique balance of properties that make them the most versatile PVOH grades available to the textiles market.

ELVANOL™ polyvinyl alcohol (PVOH, sometimes also referred to as PVA) is a water-soluble synthetic polymer with excellent film-forming, emulsifying, and adhesive properties. This versatile polymer offers outstanding resistance to oil, grease and solvents, plus high tensile strength, flexibility, and high oxygen barrier.

  • Textile sizing and finishing
  • Paper and paperboard
  • Industrial adhesives
  • Water soluble films
  • Protective colloid in emulsion polymerization processes
  • Photosensitive coatings
  • binder für building products
  • pigmented paper coatings, ceramic materials and non-woven

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