MTHP – a new perspective for organic reactions

4-Methyltetrahydropyran (MTHP) is a novel hydrophobic cyclic ether solvent which proposes additional features against Tetrahydrofuran (THF), 2-Methyl THF and other solvents in numerous reactions. 

Due to its high hydrophobicity, MTHP can be easily separated from water which can reduce emissions and wastewater.  MTHP can act as solvent for azeotropic dehydration as in ester or acetal synthesis where its high azeotropic water ratio results in higher dehydration yields. MTHP can be used under both, acidic and basic conditions. Its solvency is similar to THF, however MTHP can also dissolve polar materials. MTHP shows a higher boiling point compared to other ethers and can therefore be used at harsher conditions. Additionally, MTHP is more stable against autoxidation and has a better toxicity profile compared to THF.

MTHP simplifies the process, it supports sustainable chemistry by reducing wastewater, reducing solvent usage and emissions and can be recycled: 

  • High Hydrophobicity
  • Easy separation from water (reduction of energy, emissions & wastewater)
  • High Stability to Acid/Base
  • Low Peroxide Formation 
  • High Solvency Power
  • High Boiling Point

Using MTHP will facilitate: 

  • Organic Reactions 
  • Esterification, Acetalization by azeotropic dehydration 
  • Esterification using acid chlorides 
  • Hydrogenation 
  • Grignard Reaction 
  • Coupling Reaction 
  • Reduction with Metals 
  • Alkyl Li Reaction 
  • Polymerizations 
  • Coatings

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