MTHP – A cleaner organic solvent for easy work-up processes

Solvents play a central role in organic reactions especially when it comes to extracting the organic compound produced. Sometimes the presence of water in the reaction medium can be a real issue as it is the case in Grignard reactions. MTHP from Kuraray is an excellent hydrophobic solvent that can be used to make your organic reactions cleaner, greener and simple.

Easy to separate from water – Simplify your manufacturing process

MTHP is a cyclic ether solvent that has multiple benefits for various organic reactions. Unlike other solvents, MTHP is highly hydrophobic and can be easily separated from water and recycled cost-effectively without adding more complicated steps to your manufacturing process. Emissions and waste water will then be reduced which will save you time and energy. Moreover, with MTHP, no additional extraction solvent will be needed which can lead to higher yields.

Acid, alkali and temperature stability – A solvent for tough condition reactions

MTHP can be used in both acidic and alkaline conditions. Its solvency power is similar to THF and can also be used to dissolve polar compounds. In addition to having an outstanding stability to oxidation, MTHP has a high boiling point which makes it ideal for tough condition reactions. MTHP is also considered as a good alternative to solvents with higher toxicity or suspected to be toxic.

MTHP is Kuraray’s contribution towards a more sustainable chemistry. You will benefit from our solvent by simplifying your manufacturing processes, cutting costs and reducing waste.


  • Simplified and cleaner manufacturing process
  • Recyclable
  • Alternative to solvents with higher toxicity or suspected to be toxic.

  • Organic reactions
  • Grignard reaction
  • Organometallic reaction
  • Coupling reactions
  • Halogenation
  • Hydrogenation
  • Reduction with metals
  • Dehydration requiring azeotropic anhydration
  • Acetal synthesis
  • High hydrophobicity
  • High solvency power
  • High stability
  • High boiling point

Further information about MTHP

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