amaretta™ – easy wear, easy care with
the world’s finest non-woven microfiber

Although, a single amaretta™ microfiber is 4,000 times finer than a human hair, the non-woven fabric exhibits a great tear resistance and is highly durable. Other benefits include the uniform appearance and texture, good crease-resistance and water-resistance. 

These properties promote the use of amaretta™ for a wide range of sophisticated applications. Interior furnishing benefit from amaretta™’s natural feel and fineness, its breathability and longevity. amaretta™ ’s unique properties make garments durable, water-repellent, even washable, and of course exceedingly comfortable. Water spots vanish and leave no trace after a light rubbing or brushing

amaretta™ remains elastic and soft and is ,therefore, an ideal material for high fashion apparel. This innovative microfibre puts the finishing touches on the most cutting-edge devices, turning them into individual and fashionable accessories for successful cosmopolitans.



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