No compromises when it comes to safety

"Safety is the cornerstone of everything we do" – this is our motto and every employee at Kuraray knows it. In short, we make no compromises when it comes to safety. We do everything we can to prevent health risks, safety shortcomings and environmental pollution by taking preventive measures.

We are convinced that accidents are preventable. Our goal is therefore to reduce the number of accidents to zero – an ideal that we are already getting pretty close to by proactively eliminating potential hazards and, above all, by regularly raising awareness of occupational safety within the company. We also promote the health of our employees by constantly improving physical, psychological and social working conditions. 

The technology we use at Kuraray to protect people and the environment is state-of-the-art in terms of safety. We dispose of unavoidable waste safely and responsibly. Likewise we expect our contractual partners to comply with our high safety, health and environmental protection standards.

Kuraray Group Human Rights Policy

KURASAFE occupational safety program

Good – better – KURASAFE

There is nothing that cannot be improved. This also applies to occupational safety. In order to continuously improve in this area, we launched our KURASAFE occupational safety program in 2014.

We want to raise awareness of occupational safety among our employees and continue on our path towards "zero accidents". This is about a culture of responsibility in which each and every individual knows that their own behavior also determines whether or not we achieve our occupational safety goals.

Worker with safety vest holding helmet under him arm

To draw the necessary attention to the topic, we organize "Occupational Safety Days", among other things. These complement the regular inspections carried out by our senior managers, during which potential sources of danger are identified and safety standards are reviewed.

Occupational health management KURAFIT

Healthy and fit at work

The health of our employees is a valuable asset. It is the prerequisite for their individual performance and their contribution to the company's success. Health is not just the absence of illness, but rather a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Well-designed work can make a major contribution to this.

We want to know how our employees are doing, which is why we have been systematically recording their health situation since 2014. 

As part of the KURAFIT occupational health management program, we are investigating how we can further improve the operational framework conditions and carry out workplace inspections with a view to their ergonomic design. 

Group of people exercising

We also initiate self-care and prevention measures to help our employees stay healthy and fit. For instance, during health days, we provide valuable information on topics like building resilience and achieving healthy sleep.

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