The world’s population is constantly growing – and so is the need for food. Our innovative solutions help farmers meet today's challenges: from seeds to harvesting, Kuraray products help increase yields and prevent damage to food and animal feed.

A tractor spraying fertilizer in a field.


Spray additives

Spray additives do not actively prevent or eliminate pests. However, they increase the efficacy of agrochemicals. Using KURARAY POVAL™ as a spray additive improves “rain resistance”, in other words it reduces the amount of agrochemicals washed off by rain and other environmental influences. 

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A hand crumbling soil.


Soil conditioners

Soil conditioners are added to the soil to improve its physical qualities. KURARAY POVAL™ ensures long-lasting optimization of the soil structure.

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A field with a plastic film covering plants.

Land silos

Land silos are an effective way to store agricultural products near the source of production and protect them from outside elements until they can be transported or used locally as feed. An EVAL™ EVOH barrier layer provides extra protection against oxidation, contamination, odors and pests. 

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Film-covered round bales in a field. In the background there is a tractor.


Barrier silage wrap films

Barrier silage wrap films with an EVAL™ interlayer prevent oxygen getting into silage bales, increase storage life, protect nutritive value and prevent rapid degradation of feed. 

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Packaging for agricultural chemicals

MonoSol’s water-soluble films package crop protection chemicals in pre-measured doses which enhances the convenience and safety of handling these products. Films can be used to package both dry and liquid ingredients such as wettable powders, granules, gels and concentrated liquid active ingredients. Soluble unit doses are used in many AGCHEM applications from backpack sprayers to small packets for lawn, garden and plant food applications. 

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