PLANTIC™ – For greener packaging that is more effective

Packaging keeps food fresh for longer, preserves its aroma and reduces food waste. Moreover, more and more consumers want sustainable packaging. Kuraray's PLANTIC™ bioplastic offers you a unique opportunity to improve the performance and sustainability of your barrier packaging.

High gas barrier properties based on renewable raw materials

PLANTIC™ is a high-performance film manufactured using up to 80 percent renewable raw materials. Due to its high gas barrier properties, this bioplastic can be used in packaging that seals in aroma and keeps out oxygen. PLANTIC™ is ideal for MAP packaging – for food with a short shelf-life. In addition, this renewable material is excellent for packaging dry foods such as coffee and tea as well as dry animal feed.

Completely compostable with better environmental credentials

PLANTIC™ is produced from thermoplastic starch and is fully biodegradable, which greatly reduces its ecological footprint. This bioplastic is certified for both industrial and home composting and can be used in the manufacture of completely compostable packaging. PLANTIC™ does not contain any plasticizers or genetically modified raw materials. Moreover, it is less expensive than conventional materials.

Use PLANTIC™ from Kuraray to improve the environmental profile of your food packaging – and maintain the quality and freshness of your products. Contact us!


  • High proportion of renewable raw materials significantly reduces environmental footprint
  • 100% biodegradable and home compostable
  • Less expensive than conventional materials

  • Packaging of dry food (coffee, tea, dry pet food etc.)
  • Short shelf life MAP 

  • High gas barrier
  • Contains up to 80% renewable materials
  • Certified for industrial and home composting

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