KURARAY POVAL™ LV grades – Gentle ingredients for skin care

From skin cremes and hair-care products to peel-off masks and shower gels: ingredients for the cosmetics and personal-care industry have to be safe and well-tolerated. KURARAY POVAL™ LV grades of polyvinyl alcohol have a particularly low methanol content. You can use these unique polyvinyl alcohols to give your cosmetics and personal-care products perfect properties – so they are even kinder to the skin and more sustainable.

Biodegradable and kind to the skin

KURARAY POVAL™ LV grades from Kuraray help the cosmetics and personal-care industry produce products that are safe and sustainable. These biodegradable PVOH polymers are produced in compliance with stringent GMP guidelines. A complex purification process gives KURARAY POVAL™ LV grades their especially low methanol content (0.3 percent for grades produced in Germany). Consequently, these polyvinyl alcohols are well-tolerated by the skin and environmentally friendly.

For appealing, transparent peel-off masks

The personal-care industry uses water-soluble polymers as binding agents for water-based skin- and hair-care products such as shower gels, shampoo and hair colorants. As hydrophilic film formers, PVA polymers are used in exacting decorative cosmetics such as mascara. In addition, KURARAY POVAL™ LV grades are excellent for use in sunscreens and for peel-off masks with unique transparency. Another big advantage: Kuraray provides extensive product documentation that is very useful for customers in the formulation of new products. 

Benefit from KURARAY POVAL™ LV grades – for cosmetics and personal-care products that set new standards of safety and sustainability.


  • Environment-friendly and safe to use
  • Well-documented product regulation information
  • GMP production
  • Excellent option for transparent peel-off masks

  • Facials (peel-off masks)
  • Decorative cosmetics (mascara, eyebrows, etc.)
  • Sunscreen
  • Hair care (colorants, shampoos, etc.)

  • Very low methanol content
  • Very strong hydrophilic film formation
  • Good binding agent
  • Good biocompatibility
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