Tirrenina™ – The sustainable manmade leather for sophisticated designs

Whether they are buying high-end entertainment electronics, accessories, shoes or clothes, more and more consumers want products that combine exclusive design and top standards with sustainability. Clarino™ Tirrenina™ from Kuraray is a range of unique water-borne synthetic leathers. Your designs can benefit from the countless shades and processing options offered by these environmentally friendly microfiber nonwovens.

An endless variety of colors for maximum design freedom

With Tirrenina™, Kuraray helps the leather industry combine sophisticated designs and sustainability. These materials have extremely uniform stretch and elasticity and outstanding tear resistance. Thanks to their high heat resistance, these sustainable artificial leather materials are ideal for demanding processes such as thermomolding. To maximize design freedom, Kuraray markets this artificial leather in various thicknesses and a wide range of shades – from pale pastels to bright rainbow hues. 

Fully sustainable for leather-look fashions

Tirrenina™ is easy-care, making it suitable for fashions and footwear. Other applications for these synthetic leather materials include upmarket interior design in the automotive sector, consumer electronics, accessories and upholstery. Tirrenina™ is a water-borne synthetic leather with an extremely low polyurethane (PU) content. By using an eco-friendly manufacturing process, Kuraray reduces water usage by 70 percent and CO2 emissions by 35 percent compared with conventional manmade leather. 

You can use Tirrenina™ from Kuraray to give your fashion and design products a distinctive individual look while meeting the highest sustainability requirements. 


  • High heat resistance facilitates a wide range of applications at high temperatures 
  • Meets the focus on sustainability
  • Endless variety of shades from pale pastels to really bright rainbow hues

  • Fashion & Clothing
  • (Thermo-)Forming
  • Shoes
  • Decoration & Jewellery
  • Accessories
  • Consumer Electronics

  • Water-based leather alternative
  • Low PU content
  • Easy care properties 
  • Excellent bonding and tear strength
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